Hi guys,

Here is my latest personal artwork of texturing and shading. The concept art is from Raul Guerra and the 3D Modeling has created by my beloved friend, Phoebe Kim. Thanks guys!

All other aspects by me.

Software : Maya, zbrush,, Mari, Arnold(render), xGen(hair), adobe photoshop, Nuke

Ninja- Feudal Japan Art Station Challenge



I would like to share my entry for Art station challenge ‘Feudal Japan: Shogunate’

Hope you ‘like’ it at Art Station!
Film/VFX Character Art (rendered)

You can see more pics and all the process here :…/challenges/52/submissions/34439
Concept by Dave Arredondo…/challenges/55/submissions/32763
Thanks for all the support and help I’ve received along the way, and best of luck to all who participated in the challenge.

Software : Maya, zbrush, Substance Painter, Mari, Arnold(render), xGen(hair), photoshop, Nuke

Still Going On -Personal Project



Still Going On from Hailey Yoon on Vimeo.

This project is about time. As time speeds up, you can see how the environment changes in a old library room like aging. There is no human character in this scene, so I focus more on environment animation rather than showing a character. All props ages in a few seconds.

Software : Maya,Mari,Photoshop,Zbrush,Nuke,Mudbox, Vray(render)
Responsibility : Texturing, Shading, Lighting and Compositing