Hailey Yoon_Texture and Look Dev. Reel

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Hailey_Yoon_Texture&Look Development Reel
website : haileyoon.com
Specialties : Texturing, Lighting, Shading and Compositing.

1. Finding Dory Character shading work : Teenage Dory, Hedge crabs, Green bucket, Tang Toy, Blue tangs characters, and etc.
> Software : Katana, Renderman, Mari, Photoshop,Mudbox
2. Still Going On (Environment): Responsible for everything
> Software : Vray, Maya, Mari, Nuke, Photoshop, Zbrush
3. Girl with turban: Responsible for everything except for modeling. Model by Phoebe Kim
> Software : Arnold, Maya, Mari, Nuke, Photoshop, Zbrush., Xgen hair
4. Girl with orange hair, Dragon, Demon Creature : Responsible for everything except for modeling.
> Software : Vray, Maya, Mari, Nuke, Photoshop, Zbrush, maya N hair > Girl and Dragon Modeling by Pil Chang

Music : 1974 – Way Home-” by Mondo Grosso

Still Going On -Personal Project


Still Going On from Hailey Yoon on Vimeo.

This project is about time. As time speeds up, you can see how the environment changes in a old library room like aging. There is no human character in this scene, so I focus more on environment animation rather than showing a character. All props ages in a few seconds.

Software : Maya,Mari,Photoshop,Zbrush,Nuke,Mudbox
Responsibility : Texturing, Shading, Lighting and Compositing